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SMD is forecasting a below consensus print of 178K net new jobs in tomorrow's non-farm payrolls

SmartMarketData LLC is forecasting 178K net new non-farm payroll jobs in tomorrows Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report, below the Bloomberg consensus 190K. We are also looking at the unemployment rate staying flat at 3.9%, and average hourly earnings to tick up .1%. Based on what we are seeing, next month could be another miss versus consensus as well. Our forecasts are based on proprietary models which use the real-time LinkUp Jobs Data set of over 100 million job posts from over 40,000 companies world wide. #Quant #SmartMarketData #Jobs #BLS #NFP #LinkUp

SMD is forecasting a below consensus low print of 140K Net New Non-Farm Payrolls in tomorrow's B

SmartMarketData, LLC is forecasting 140K net new non-farm payroll jobs in April, below the Bloomberg consensus (191K), and below the Bloomberg low estimate (145K). Using our proprietary model, which utilizes the LinkUp Job Post Data, a daily, real-time data set comprised of over 50,000 companies job posts, with over 10 years of history, we saw job post creation, and active job posts decline in April leading in part to our street low estimate. We expect average hourly earnings to tic up 0.2%, above consensus. We expect the unemployment rate to tic stay flat at 4.1%. #SmartMarketData #LinkUp #AlternativeData #BLS #NFP #Quant