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  • Larry Green, CFA

SmartMarketData and LinkUp Launch LinkUp RAW Jobs Data Set

​SmartMarketData, in partnership with LinkUp, has launched LinkUp RAW, the World's broadest and deepest PREDICTIVE jobs data set.

LinkUp RAW has over 7 years of daily history, representing over 2 billion job posting records, from over 20,000 companies. LinkUp adds over 2 million job records per day.

LinkUp RAW can be used to predict employment trends at a global-macro level, as well as predict sector, industry, index, portfolio and competitor level employment. With complete company detail, LinkUp RAW gives key insight into the expected fundamental performance of a company.

Unlike the majority of current employment indicators, which are subjective and survey based, LinkUp RAW allows for objective assessment of the future employment market. It is new, unique, and being marketed to an exclusive group of investment professionals.

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