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  • Larry Green, CFA

AAPL Juice Turns into AAPL Vinegar

Looks like the party is over for AAPL. Our research, utilizing the LinkUp RAW2 jobs dataset, indicates that AAPL is posting fewer job opportunities. The decline to 5,391, from the peak last year of 6,670, is significant and suggests growth will be strained.

Note that AAPL stock bounced off its all-time high of 132 in April, May and July of 2015, after AAPL job postings started to turn lower.

Growing jobs equal a growing company. The law of large numbers, matched with innovation advances underperforming those of the iPhone, means you need less people to sell your products, therefore you need to hire fewer people, therefore you need to post fewer job openings.

Still love the 6+, despite the seeming increase in bug-iness. ;)

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