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  • Larry Green, CFA

SmartMarketData, LLC forecasts the BLS Non-Farm Payrolls will increase by 180K in November

SmartMarketData, LLC forecasts the Bureau of Labor Statistics Non-Farm Payrolls will increase by 180K jobs in November. During November we saw our LinkUp Online Active Job postings decrease by 2.8%, Jobs Filled increased by 2.4%, and Jobs Created increased by 1.9% following last months 22% decline. Our job post Duration indicator rose again from 81 days to 84 days, still off highs near 100 reached at the beginning of 2016. Job post Duration is a proxy for full employment, with high levels suggesting the economy is at or near full employment. The low for our US10000 Index is 51.

Daily Active Job Postings

Trailing 4 week Moving Average Job Post Duration

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