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  • Larry Green, CFA

Bitcoin price jump Foreshadowed by AMZN Job Post!!

On Friday, Amazon (AMZN) posted a job looking for a “Digital Currency and Blockchain Lead”. The first of its kind for the retail and tech giant.

Our near real-time "job post analytics" identified the job through our NLP analytics - which look deep into the Job Title and Description language of hundreds of millions of job posts worldwide.

With the LinkUp Job Post data as the base for our analytics, our clients look for companies entering new geographic, product, and technology markets, among other things. Entry into new markets is often initiated with companies hiring experts and a supporting cast of employees. In Amazon’s case on Friday, they are entering the emerging crypto/blockchain space.

SmartMarketData LLC’s data and analytics can offer insight into companies with very pointed predictive indicators - like opening a new distribution center in a new geography, but also insight into much broader implications - like the market for real estate prices in that geography, or in this AMZN case, on the prices of cryptocurrencies.

On Friday, before basically anyone knew that Amazon was hiring in the crypto/blockchain space, Bitcoin was trading at under $32K. Today, bitcoin traded up over $40K, partly, if not mostly because word of AMZN’s interest in the technology started to get out. We believe that over the next few days there will be more mainstream press around AMZN’s interest in crypto, possibly sending BTC and other blockchain related technologies even higher.

With our LinkUp Job Post data and analytics, customers have an edge in understanding company management team’s expectations for the future of their respective companies. Whether hiring more sales people, paying lower wages, entering new technologies, or leaving existing markets, companies say a lot just by who they are hiring.

If interested in our market leading jobs data and analytics, just reach out to

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