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September 19, 2016

LinkUp RAW Release Notes – R20160924

On Saturday, September 24, 2016 we will be releasing an enhancement to our LinkUp RAW analytics.


We currently provide an analytic labeled ‘postlength’ for various ‘buckets’ including our Company_Daily Macro_Daily, USMacro_Daily, USMacro_xbrks_Daily, USMacro_10000_Daily, and State_Daily ‘buckets’.


The current ‘postlength’ analytic is a ‘simple’ calculation which on any give date (jobsdate), it looks at all the jobs posted for the given ‘bucket’, and averages the TOTAL length of days those jobs were posted.


For example, if company xyz posts two jobs on January 1.  One of those jobs is removed on January 10, and one of them on January 20.  If we look back to January 5, the ‘simple’ postlength on January 5 would be 10 days plus 20 days divided by 2 jobs - or 15.  While this number gives a glance at how long jobs are posted at xyz, it is not accurate for a given jobsdate.


The enhancement, ‘postlength2’, accurately identifies the average duration of the jobs posted on any given jobsdate, AS OF that date.  So as you would expect, for company xyz on January 5, you will see 5 as the average job post duration (postlength2). 


The ‘postlength’ analytic will be provided through 2016-12-31, and is deprecated.  IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY USING THIS ANALYTIC, contact us at to discuss.

‘postlength2’ will be found in the following core analytics daily and archive files and any future ‘bucket’ analytics files:













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